Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beauty Parlour: Rose Gold & Champagne Blonde

I'm obsessing over champagne blondes right now. Anywhere from rosy gold to pink and pearly blonde. Trendy and current, this colour is gorgeous. It's not always easy to achieve (so see your stylist!) but you guys know how much I love a challenge. Going blonde can be drying for the hair, and sometimes it's hard to maintain shine when going lighter. My favourite way to make a champagne blonde sparkle like a glass of bubbly is with the right shine products! KEVIN.MURPHY makes two amazing products that dazzle on blonde hair... the YOUNG.AGAIN Immortelle treatment serum, and the SHIMMER.SHINE spray. Use both of these products to prep damp hair before heat styling (protect that hair!), and again on dry styled hair to finish and add the polish.  Both of these products are two of my newest must haves for blondes and will make your hair glisten like never before this holiday season!! Get your shine on!

(I'm loving my new workplace, PARLOUR.363 in Morden, MB!)

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